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OneAmerica® Pathways Junior Fellows Program Student Nomination Form

Central Indiana is facing a dearth of good jobs – a well-known reality to those in our community who work yet struggle to make ends meet. As a business that has been part of this community for more than 140 years, thriving along the way on home-grown talent, we’re taking steps through our Pathways Program to reverse the current trend.

We invite you to nominate up to four students to participate in this year’s program.

Program objectives:

  • Personal, Professional and Educational Development 
  • Community Awareness
Key program features:
  • Full-time, paid summer employment 
  • Intensive job shadowing 
  • Project-based, cohort model 
  • Encourages reciprocal learning between students and managers
Indicators of success for participants 
  • Student has good attendance in school. 
  • They will enter their junior or senior year in the fall, as defined by credit hours. 
  • Student is generally on track for graduation from high school. 
  • They have at least one supportive adult who is willing to be actively engaged in the student’s life. This may be a parent, grandparent, older sibling, mentor, school counselor or neighbor.
  • Student lives in or near focus area zip codes 46201 or 46222. 
  • The participant must have support from and constant/open communication with at least one staff member from nominating organization.

Questions are designed to tell us a bit about each student and are not intended to serve as selection criteria.